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Trench (BBC Model B)

Available For:
BBC Model B

Publisher: Virgin Games
Author(s): Phil Wilkes
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Trench Warfare
Items: Trench (Virgin Games, Cassette)

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An all-action fight to save the universe. By Phil Wilkes.

The "Elite" have constructed an awesome Termination Planet which threatens to subjugate the entire universe. It is heavily armed, well guarded with agile fighters and is vitually invincible. Only one weak spot has been found - a missile placed centrally in an exhaust vent at the end of a trench in the surface will be guided to the star's core, where it will detonate and destroy the star.

You have the unenviable task of placing that missile. You have just entered the trench and you will need all of your X-wing fighter's agility and speed to avoid the star's laser defences and hostile enemy ships, which will try to stop you with suicidal dives into the trench.

As you close in on your target, your attack computer will engage. As this happens, try to move to the centre of the trench in order to line up your missile sight quickly.

Once the attack computer has engaged, move your sight over the exhaust vent and fire when you are exactly aligned with it. You will only have one chance and your shot needs to be perfectly central to succeed.

If you manage to deliver the missile correctly, you will then need to get clear of the trench if you are not to become a dead hero! Only then can you safely look back as the Termination Planet recedes into the depths of the starry sky and then explodes into a thousand fragments.

How To Play

Once the game is loaded, a title page and brief instructions are displayed. You then choose your game controls.

To enter your skill level, press any numeric key from 1 to 9. Level 1 is the easiest to master, with the game getting progressively harder on the higher levels.

Play then begins. When the game ends, you are given an assessment of your performance, and reselecting the skill level starts another game.

Game Controls

< - Left, > - Right, A - Up, Z - Down, SPACE - Fire (when attack computer engaged)

Note that, on loading, you are asked to select how you wish to control the game - keyboard or BBC or Clares joysticks. Using joysticks gives proportional control. Once the controls are selected, they remain in use for the remainder of the game.



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