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Ballistix (1991) (BBC B/B+/Master 128)

One or two player overhead 'blow football' game in ever-more complicated arenas.

Available For:
Acorn Electron & BBC B/B+/Master 128

Tags: blow football, competitive play, overhead
Publisher: Superior/Acornsoft
Author(s): Martin Edmondson & Peter Scott
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Overhead 'Blow Football' Style Game
Items: Ballistix (Superior/Acornsoft, 5.25" Disc), Ballistix (Superior/Acornsoft, Cassette), Play It Again Sam 14 (Superior/Acornsoft, 5.25" Disc), Ballistix (Superior/Blue Ribbon, Cassette), Play It Again Sam 14 (Superior/Acornsoft, Cassette), Predator Plus Ballistix (Superior/Acornsoft, 5.25" Disc)

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