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Haciendo Campanya (2016) (Amstrad CPC464)

A two-player only game in which you must fight to cover the majority of the cityscape with posters of your election candidate whilst avoiding the students and police.

Available For:
Amstrad CPC464

Tags: competitive play, cpcretrodev2016, election, two player
Publisher: Coco Team
Author(s): Miguel Ángel García Honrubia & Rubén Rodríguez Pardo
On-Screen Language: Spanish
Genre: Arcade; Poster Sticking Playoff
Items: Haciendo Campanya (Coco Team, Cassette)

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The Game

It's general election time again, and four political parties are vying to run the country. Common norms dictate that the party who advertises the most stands the best chance of being elected.

Election Battleground is a two-player game in which you must visit the different cities of Spain and fill them with your party's billboard advertising. The winner is the player who places the greatest amount of advertising.

However, beware of:

  1. the students who will harrang you if they manage to intercept your advertising campaign, and
  2. the local police who will attempt to take your posters down again.

That's not all! There are also objects you can collect:

  1. Clocks, which either increase or decrease the amount of time remaining for your campaign.
  2. Slippers, which make your character quicker to move.
  3. Jacket, which flips all of your opponent's banners to your own.
  4. Amnesty, which makes you immune to the students and police for a short time.

Important Tips

  1. Don't waste time thinking - get moving right away!
  2. If you see a jacket, then abandon all plans in order to grab it.

Game Controls

Player One: A - Left, D - Right, W - Up, S - Down
Player Two: Arrow keys to move.




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