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Elliot (2016) (Amstrad CPC464)

A platform game in which Elliot must shoot clones of himself in the basement of his house, but which crashes almost immediately that you start.

Available For:
Amstrad CPC464

Tags: cpcretrodev2016, flick-screen, platform, bugged release
Publisher: Approxbit
Author(s): Antinio Villaescusa Martín & Francisco Javier Abellán Abenza
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Arcade; Platform Game
Items: Elliot (Approxbit, Cassette)

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This is the story of a kid name Elliot.

Elliot was trying to sleep when a bunch of evil Elliot clones began making noise in his basement.

He wandered downstairs, originally intending to ask them to keep the noise down. But then he decided instead to kill them all, as it would be easier and faster.

Once they're all killed, he'll be able to sleep again.


Game Controls

Arrow Left/Right - Walk Left/Right, Arrow Up - Jump, SPACE - Shoot




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