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Adios A La Casta Episode 1 (Amstrad CPC464)

A fast-paced platform game in which you must collect up all the fraudulent voting cards before doing battle with arch-villain Ridrigo Rata.

Available For:
Amstrad CPC464

Tags: election, graphic adventure, platform, manic
Publisher: 4mhz (Official Web Site)
Author(s): -
On-Screen Language: Spanish
Genre: Platform Game
Items: Adios A La Casta Episode 1 (4mhz, Cassette)

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"La Casta" (The Breed) control the country of Espanistan. This country needs an urgent change of leadership. Cuts in welfare, the media which serves only a privileged few, the corrupt police whose only loyalities lie with the corrupt "casta"... There is only one person capable of giving back hope to the people. An oppressed people, without hope, hypnotised by the mundane "wars" of football, bullfighting and the desires of the heart.

And the name of that person: Pablender!

But it won't be easy! The "casta" is headed up by one man - Ridrigo Rata, and the country is populated by an army of his clones. These clones have already distributed their ballots throughout the city and its environs. The ballots are pre-franked by dozens of the casta's press officers and corrupt politicians.

Your Mission

You must prevent the population voting for the status quo by guiding Pablender to collect up all the ballots. This will guarantee Pablender the most votes. Collect also the indecisive votes too, because these will help you destroy Rodrigo Rata's clone generator at the very end of the game.

Make sure also to collect the bottles of anti-static shampoo scattered each stage. These help you recover your energy levels.

Throw "love circles" to defeat enemies.

And remember: there are some areas of the capital that you will have to find that may not be immediately obvious. Some areas are also locked and require a key.

It's not necessary to complete all areas before attempting to defeat Ridrigo Rata - but if you do things will be easier.


The enemies are clones of the main political leaders, as well as riot police and editors of casta-supporting periodicals. You will also find some genetically modified animals which also attack you.

The following enemies are bound to be encountered:

  1. Rajoyo: Easily distinguished by his beard, glasses and radioactive spit!
  2. Hespe: Easily distinguished by his large smile and bones, he can appear anywhere and will attempt to home-in on you.
  3. Picapedro: You'll know him by his youthful appearance and the roses he throws around. You'll take a hit on energy if you encounter them!
  4. The Riot Police: The corrupt police will shoot you without hesitation and cannot be killed. However, if you shoot them, they will be paralysed for a couple of seconds.
  5. Marhuender: The editor of the "SinRazon" newspaper. He does not attack, but places fake news about the capital to damage your reputation. Kill him!
  6. Indawer: Another newspaper editor, this one of "OkiSemanario", who acts like Marhuender. She has white hair and an Eighties hair-style. Kill her as well!
  7. BioGaviota: A genetically-modified gull that flies above you and drops bombs.
  8. BioMurcielago: A stronger version of BioGaviota.
  9. BioRata: Another gull, but one who swoops down rather than drops bombs upon you.
  10. Radioactive Drops: These are in the sewers and fall on you and burn you to a crisp if touched.
  11. Fecal Water: Water contaminated with human waste, found in the sewers. Fall into it and you will die.

As you discover hidden parts of the game, you may well encounter different enemies and will have to learn exactly how to deal with them.

Contact with all enemies, and falls from great heights, depletes your energy. Be careful!


One player game only.

This game requires 128K of RAM to work. If you are playing it on an Amstrad CPC464 or Amstrad CPC664, it will require a RAM expansion (such as that by DK'Tronics) of at least 64K additional RAM.

The game does not use any kind of "exotic" RAM banking, so it is compatible with any CPC and any standard RAM expansion.

Game Controls

O - Left, P - Right, Q - Jump Up, A - Down, SPACE - Shoot,

You may use the cursor keys or a joystick if you prefer. You cannot redefine the keys.




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