Tomcat (2016) (Acorn Atom)

Fly over a rogue island, avoiding the bullets from the gun turrets and the snaking formations of aliens.

Available For:
Acorn Atom

Tags: monochrome, shoot-'em-up, vertically scrolling, island fortress
Publisher: Kees Van Oss
Author(s): Kees Van Oss
On-Screen Language: English
Genre: Vertically Scrolling Shoot-'Em-Up
Items: Tomcat (Kees Van Oss, Cassette)

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F14 Tomcat: Let's Get Down To Serious Destruction! Climb into the cockpit of the devastating F14 Tomcat fighter. Take to the skies in this explosive combat simulation. F14 Tomcat features progressive weaponry, breathtaking graphics and compulsive gameplay.

In the later part of the 20th century, Grumman's F14 Tomcat represented the US Navy's most potent fighter. F14 Tomcat from Players places you in the cockpit of a specially adapted version of this devastating aircraft.

The Mission

In the first half of the 21st century, it became possible through advances in material technology to construct permanent artificial islands very cheaply. Due to the spiralling cost of real-estate, many of these islands were built. It is one of these artificial islands that is presently a cause for concern.

The island, locally known as Artrock 6, is a local defence installation and is completely automated. A freak storm damaged the controlling software and as a result, the island has turned rogue.

Despite the substantial dollar value attached to the installation, a few regrettable incidents involving local shipping have forced us to destroy the island.

This task has fallen to you, the best low-level pilot in the free world. Using a specially adapted F14 Tomcat fighter with advanced terrain following radar and a special complement of weaponry, you must destroy the island.

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, : - Up, / - Down, RETURN - Fire



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