Release v00000043 (Monday 17 April 2017)


The following items were added to the Everygamegoing site between Friday 07 April 2017 and Monday 17 April 2017. (Note: An item that has been added is not necessarily fully-archived yet.)

Amstrad CPC464 (4)

Arcade Muscle U. S. Gold 3" Disc
Arcade Muscle U. S. Gold Cassette
EGG #004: Amstrad Dave E Magazine
The Thriller Pack Paxman Cassette

BBC B/B+/Master 128 (1)

EGG #008: BBC Micro Dave E Magazine

Colour Genie (1)

EGG #002: Colour Genie Dave E Magazine

MSX (1)

EGG #006: MSX Dave E Magazine

Nintendo (US Version) (1)

EGG #007: Nintendo NES Dave E Magazine

PC (Windows) (1)

EGG #005: PC Dave E Magazine

PC98 (1)

Urotsukidoji Unknown 3.5" Disc

PlayStation 2 (US Version) (1)

Magna Carta: Tears Of Blood Atlus Dvd

Spectrum 128K (1)

Crystal Kingdom Dizzy 2017 Evgeniy Barskiy Cassette

Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3 (1)

EGG #003: Spectrum Dave E Magazine