Release v00000033 (Saturday 11 February 2017)


The following items were added to the Everygamegoing site between Wednesday 08 February 2017 and Saturday 11 February 2017. (Note: An item that has been added is not necessarily fully-archived yet.)

Acorn Electron (1)

Xor: Procyon's Mazes Logotron Cassette

BBC/Electron (1)

The Adventure Gamer's Manual Sigma Technical Press Book

Commodore 16 (1)

Soccer Programa Especial Cassette

Commodore 16/Plus 4 (2)

More Adventures Of Big Mac The Maintenance Man Mastertronic Cassette
Olympiad Tynesoft Cassette

Commodore 64 (1)

Parallax Ocean 5.25" Disc

Commodore 64/128 (1)

3D Golf Mastertronic Cassette

PlayStation 4 (EU Version) (10)

Among The Sleep Krillbite Studios Blu-Ray
Anima: Gate Of Memories Bad Land Games Blu-Ray
Dex Bad Land Games Blu-Ray
Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival The Digital Lounge Blu-Ray
Ghostbusters Activision Blu-Ray
Let's Sing 2016: Hits Francais Ravens Court Blu-Ray
Let's Sing 8 Version Espanola Ravens Court Blu-Ray
No Man's Sky Hello Games Blu-Ray
Pure Chess Play-It Blu-Ray
Rocket League Psyonix Blu-Ray

PlayStation 4 (US Version) (1)

Rigs: Mechanized Combat League Sony Entertainment Blu-Ray

PlayStation 4 (VR) (11)

Battle Zone (EU Version) Rebellion Blu-Ray
Driveclub Vr Sony Entertainment Blu-Ray
Eagle Flight Sony Entertainment Blu-Ray
Eve Valkyrie Sony Entertainment Blu-Ray
Hustle Kings Vr Sony Entertainment Blu-Ray
Loading Human Chapter 1 Maximum Games Blu-Ray
Moto Racer 4 Microids Blu-Ray
Playstation Vr Worlds Sony Entertainment Blu-Ray
Rigs: Mechanized Combat League Sony Entertainment Blu-Ray
Robinson: The Journey Sony Entertainment Blu-Ray
Super Stardust Ultra Vr Sony Entertainment Blu-Ray