Release v00000026 (Monday 19 December 2016)


The following items were added to the Everygamegoing site between Wednesday 30 November 2016 and Monday 19 December 2016. (Note: An item that has been added is not necessarily fully-archived yet.)

Amiga 500 (85)

Aaaargh! Melbourne House 3.5" Disc
Arthur Infocom 3.5" Disc
Atron 5000 Players 3.5" Disc
Ball Raider King Size 3.5" Disc
Beverly Hills Cop Tynesoft 3.5" Disc
Beyond The Ice Palace Elite 3.5" Disc
Bomb Jack 1 Elite 3.5" Disc
Brainstorm Robtek 3.5" Disc
Cabal Ocean 3.5" Disc
Circus Games Tynesoft 3.5" Disc
Day Of The Viper Accolade 3.5" Disc
Demon's Tomb: The Awakening Melbourne House 3.5" Disc
Double Dragon Melbourne House 3.5" Disc
Double Dragon Tronix 3.5" Disc
Dr. Doom's Revenge Empire 3.5" Disc
Eliminator Hewson Consultants 3.5" Disc
Espionage Grandslam 3.5" Disc
Extensor Players 3.5" Disc
E-Motion U. S. Gold 3.5" Disc
E-Motion U. S. Gold 3.5" Disc
Fire Brigade Mindscape International Inc 3.5" Disc
Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal The Edge 3.5" Disc
Giganoid Swiss Computer Arts 3.5" Disc
Gold Rush Sierra 3.5" Disc
Grand Prix Circuit Accolade 3.5" Disc
Hellbent Novagen Software Ltd 3.5" Disc
Heroes Of The Lance Strategic Simulations Inc. 3.5" Disc
Human Killing Machine U. S. Gold 3.5" Disc
Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade: The Action Game U. S. Gold 3.5" Disc
Ingrid's Back Level 9 Computing 3.5" Disc
International Soccer Microdeal 3.5" Disc
Keef The Thief Electronic Arts 3.5" Disc
Knight Of The Crystallion U. S. Gold 3.5" Disc
Kwasimodo King Size 3.5" Disc
Lancelot Level 9 Computing 3.5" Disc
Major Motion Microdeal 3.5" Disc
Mars Saga Electronic Arts 3.5" Disc
Mickey Mouse Gremlin Graphics 3.5" Disc
Millennium 22 Electric Dreams 3.5" Disc
Mortville Manor Lankhor 3.5" Disc
Motorbike Madness Mastertronic Added Dimension 3.5" Disc
Offshore Warrior Titus 3.5" Disc
Ooze: Creepy Nights Dragonware 3.5" Disc
Out Run U. S. Gold 3.5" Disc
Pac-Mania Grandslam 3.5" Disc
Pac-Mania Grandslam 3.5" Disc
Panzer Strike Strategic Simulations Inc. 3.5" Disc
Phantasm Exocet 3.5" Disc
Powerdrome Electronic Arts 3.5" Disc
Powerplay: The Game Of The Gods Arcana 3.5" Disc
P. O. W. (Prisoner Of War) Actionware 3.5" Disc
Pro Tennis Tour Ubisoft 3.5" Disc
Purple Saturn Day Exxos 3.5" Disc
Questron 2 U. S. Gold 3.5" Disc
Revenge II Mastertronic 3.5" Disc
Road Blasters U. S. Gold 3.5" Disc
Rockford Melbourne House 3.5" Disc
Scrabble Deluxe Leisure Genius 3.5" Disc
Shogun Infocom 3.5" Disc
Side Arms Go! 3.5" Disc
Spaceball Rainbow Arts 3.5" Disc
Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge Sierra 3.5" Disc
Space Racer Loriciels 3.5" Disc
Spitting Image Domark 3.5" Disc
Steve Davis World Snooker CDS Microsystems 3.5" Disc
Street Fighter 1 Capcom 3.5" Disc
Street Gang Players 3.5" Disc
Street Sport Basketball Epyx 3.5" Disc
Sub Battle Simulator Epyx 3.5" Disc
Techno Cop Gremlin Graphics 3.5" Disc
The Empire Strikes Back Domark 3.5" Disc
The New Zealand Story Ocean 3.5" Disc
The Real Ghostbusters Activision 3.5" Disc
Thunder Blade U. S. Gold 3.5" Disc
Time Bandit Microdeal 3.5" Disc
Tom And Jerry Magic Bytes 3.5" Disc
Tracers Microillusions 3.5" Disc
Trivial Pursuit: A New Beginning Domark 3.5" Disc
Ultima IV: Quest Of The Avatar Origin 3.5" Disc
Vectorball Mastertronic Added Dimension 3.5" Disc
Vixen Martech 3.5" Disc
Weird Dreams Rainbird 3.5" Disc
Wild Streets Titus 3.5" Disc
Xenon Melbourne House 3.5" Disc
Xybots Tengen 3.5" Disc

Amstrad CPC464 (5)

Adios A La Casta Episode 1 4mhz Cassette
Adios A La Casta Episode 2 4mhz 3" Disc
Doomsday Lost Echoes Doomsday Productions Cassette
Gargoyle Classics Rebound Cassette
Sardina Forever 4mhz 3" Disc

Atari ST (1)

Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal The Edge 3.5" Disc

BBC Model B (1)

Napoleon Molimerx Cassette

Commodore 128 (1)

Bureaucracy Infocom 5.25" Disc

Commodore 16 (3)

C16 Classics 1 Gremlin Graphics Cassette
C16 Classics 2 Gremlin Graphics Cassette
Sport 4 Anco Cassette

Commodore 16/Plus 4 (2)

Thai Boxing Anco Cassette
Twin Kingdom Valley Bug Byte Cassette

Commodore 64 (43)

Aztec Challenge Cosmi 5.25" Disc
Beyond Forbidden Forest U. S. Gold Cassette
Boing Bubble Bus Cassette
Decisive Battles Of The American Civil War 2 Strategic Studies Group 5.25" Disc
Defcom Quicksilva Cassette
Discovery CRL Cassette
Droids Anglosoft Cassette
Game Killer Robtek Magazine
Hyper Blob Firebird Cassette
Icups Odin Cassette
Jet Set Willy: The FInal Frontier Ricochet Cassette
Jet Strike Mission Alpha-Omega Cassette
Lucifer's Realm U. S. Gold 5.25" Disc
Metropolis The Power House Cassette
Metro Cross Kixx Cassette
Mindblown Mindsmear 5.25" Disc
Myth Magnetic Scrolls 5.25" Disc
Night Walker Microclassic 5.25" Disc
Ollo 1 And 2 Bug Byte Cassette
Omni-Play Basketball Mindscape International Inc 5.25" Disc
The Pilgrim CRL Cassette
Pirates In Hyperspace Alternative Cassette
Raise The Titanic Electric Dreams Cassette
Realm Of The Trolls Rainbow Arts Cassette
Rescue On Fractalus Mastertronic Cassette
Samantha Fox Strip Poker React Cassette
Soldier Of Light RAD Cassette
Speech! Superior Cassette
Speech! Superior 5.25" Disc
Star Wars Droids Mastertronic Added Dimension Cassette
Supercup Football Rack-It Cassette
Tee With Ariolasoft Golf Construction Set Ariolasoft Cassette
The Beyond Kc64projects Cassette
The Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole Ricochet Cassette
The Odyssey Duckworth Cassette
The Search For The Secret Of Life Incentive Cassette
The Snow Queen St Brides Cassette
Time Trax Argus Press Cassette
Troll Bound Questline Cassette
V Ocean Cassette
V Ocean 5.25" Disc
Wargame Construction Kit Strategic Simulations Inc. 5.25" Disc
Zyron's Escape Sparklers Cassette

Commodore 64/128 (150)

4th Dimension Hewson Consultants Cassette
4th Dimension Hewson Consultants 5.25" Disc
Adventure In Time And Space The Guild Cassette
Alien Syndrome The Edge Cassette
American Club Sports Mindscape International Inc Cassette
Aquanaut The Power House Cassette
Bad Cat Rainbow Arts 5.25" Disc
Battles In Normandy Strategic Studies Group 5.25" Disc
Battle Cruiser Ssi 5.25" Disc
Beverly Hills Cop Tynesoft Cassette
Big Box 2 Beau-Jolly Cassette
Big Trouble In Little China Electric Dreams 5.25" Disc
Big Trouble In Little China Electric Dreams Cassette
Bionic Commandos Go! Cassette
Blue Angels Accolade Cassette
Blue Angels Accolade 5.25" Disc
BMX Hyper Biker Simulator Top Ten Cassette
Bomb Jack II Encore Cassette
Boulderdash Plus Boulderdash 2 Prism Cassette
Breakdance Americana Cassette
Bubble Bobble Silverbird Cassette
B-24 Flight Simulator Ssi 5.25" Disc
Circus Games Tynesoft Cassette
Citadel Electric Dreams Cassette
Cobra The Hit Squad Cassette
Combat Lynx Encore Cassette
Commando Encore Cassette
Conan Americana Cassette
Corruption Rainbird 5.25" Disc
Crazy Paving Top Ten Cassette
Crystal Castles Kixx Cassette
Cyber One Sparklers Cassette
Cyrus II Chess Alligata Cassette
Danger Mouse In Double Trouble Sparklers Cassette
Dan Dare: Pilot Of The Future Virgin Games Cassette
Defcom Bug Byte Cassette
Demons From The Darkside Compass Cassette
Droid Dreams Bug Byte Cassette
Election Virgin Games Cassette
Fairlight The Edge 5.25" Disc
Fifth Quadrant Ricochet Cassette
Groovy Garden Central Solutions Cassette
Gunboat Accolade Cassette
Gunsmoke Go! Cassette
Helidrop Top Ten Cassette
Herakles: The Early Trials Tunstallsoft Cassette
Hesgames Americana Cassette
Hopping Mad Elite Cassette
IQ Nu Wave Cassette
I.K.+ Activision Cassette
I.K.+ The Hit Squad Cassette
Jack The Nipper Kixx Cassette
Jimmy's Super League Beyond Belief Cassette
Journey Infocom 5.25" Disc
Kids Pack 2 Alternative Cassette
Kokotoni Wilf Encore Cassette
Las Vegas Casino Zeppelin Cassette
Legend Of The Amazon Women U. S. Gold Cassette
Legend Of The Sword Rainbird 5.25" Disc
Little Computer People Ricochet Cassette
Marauder Kixx Cassette
Mega-Apocalypse Martech 5.25" Disc
Micro Rhythm+ Firebird Cassette
Mini-Golf Gremlin Graphics Cassette
Mission AD Firebird Cassette
Morphicle The Transforming Car The Power House Cassette
Mystery Voyage Colleen 5.25" Disc
M.A.C.H. Starvision Cassette
Night On The Tiles Firebird Cassette
Ogre Microprose 5.25" Disc
Okinawa PSS 5.25" Disc
Oops! The Big Apple Cassette
Orpheus In The Underworld Alpha-Omega Cassette
Panzer Grenadiers Strategic Simulations Inc. 5.25" Disc
Pasteman Pat Silverbird Cassette
Pastfinder Mastertronic Cassette
Philosopher's Stone Ariolasoft 5.25" Disc
Pi R Squared Argus Press Cassette
Platoon The Hit Squad Cassette
Point X Powersoft Cassette
Popeye Alternative Cassette
Powerplay Hockey Electronic Arts 5.25" Disc
Powerplay: The Game Of The Gods Arcana Cassette
Pro Golf Atlantis Cassette
Pyramid Of Time Firebird Cassette
Rampage The Hit Squad Cassette
Red L.E.D. Starlight Software Cassette
Return Of The Space Warrior The Power House Cassette
Revenge Of The Mutant Camels II Llamasoft Cassette
Rick Dangerous Firebird 5.25" Disc
Robobolt Alpha-Omega Cassette
Samantha Fox Strip Poker React Cassette
Sanxion Rack-It Cassette
Shockway Rider Rack-It Cassette
Skegpool Rock Top Ten Cassette
Snapdragon Bubble Bus Cassette
Soko-Ban Mirrorsoft 5.25" Disc
Solomon's Key U. S. Gold 5.25" Disc
Solo Flight Plus Microprose Cassette
Spaceball Rainbow Arts Cassette
Spaceball Rainbow Arts 5.25" Disc
Spy Vs. Spy 3: Arctic Antics Databyte Cassette
Spy Vs. Spy 3: Arctic Antics Databyte 5.25" Disc
Starquake Share Data 5.25" Disc
Starray Logotron Cassette
Starship Andromeda Ariolasoft Cassette
Star Paws Alternative Cassette
Star Soldier Quicksilva Cassette
Stratton CRL Cassette
Street Fighter Kixx Cassette
Street Hassle Mastertronic Cassette
Street Machine Software Invasion Cassette
Sun Star CRL Cassette
Superman: The Man Of Steel Tynesoft Cassette
Superstar Ice Hockey Databyte 5.25" Disc
Supertrux Elite Cassette
Super Huey II U. S. Gold Cassette
Surf Champ New Concepts Cassette
Tag-Team Wrestling U. S. Gold Cassette
Tangent The Micro Selection Cassette
Terrafighter Zeppelin Cassette
The Archers Level 9 Computing Cassette
The Chernobyl Syndrome U. S. Gold Cassette
The Dare The Guild Cassette
The Double Scanatron Cassette
The Further Adventures Of Alice In Videoland Bug Byte Cassette
The Grandslam Collection Grandslam Cassette
The Great Giana Sisters Rainbow Arts 5.25" Disc
The Mystery Of The Lost Sheep Central Computing Cassette
The OCP Advanced Art Studio Rainbird 5.25" Disc
The Price Of Magik Level 9 Computing Cassette
The Sacred Armour Of Antiriad Silverbird Cassette
The Trap Door Alternative Cassette
Tiger Mission Kele Line Cassette
Top Fuel Challenge U. S. Gold Cassette
Tower Toppler U. S. Gold 5.25" Disc
Tracker Rainbird Cassette
Trivial Fruit Pirate Cassette
Troll Outlaw Cassette
Twin Tornado Doctorsoft 5.25" Disc
Two On Two Basketball Activision 5.25" Disc
Ubik's Music Firebird Cassette
Uridium Rack-It Cassette
Vietnam Ssi 5.25" Disc
Void Runner Mastertronic Cassette
Wanderer Elite Cassette
Wild Streets Titus 5.25" Disc
Wild Streets Titus Cassette
Witch Hunt Classic Quests 5.25" Disc
World Golf Tour Electronic Arts 5.25" Disc

Dragon 32 (1)

Dragon Advanced Music System Orange 5.25" Disc

Dragon 64 (1)

Publisher Knight 5.25" Disc

Nintendo Wii (EU Version) (1)

We Sing Pop Nordic Games Nintendo Wii Disc

PC (Windows) (1)

Black & White Electronic Arts Cd

PlayStation 2 (EU Version) (1)

Garfield Hip Games Dvd

PlayStation 4 (EU Version) (1)

Life Is Strange: Limited Edition Square Enix Blu-Ray

Spectrum 48K (3)

Air Apparent ZX Stephen Nichol Cassette
Escape To Freedom The Guild Cassette
The Story Of The Zx Spectrum In Pixels Volume 1 Fusion_books Book

Spectrum 48K/128K/+2 (1)

Snake Escape Einar Saukas Cassette

Wii U (4)

Barbie Dreamhouse Party Little Orbit Optical Disc
Espn Sports Connection Ubisoft Optical Disc
Funky Barn 505 Games Optical Disc
Rabbids Land Ubisoft Optical Disc