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Release v00000025 (Wednesday 30 November 2016)


The following items were added to the Everygamegoing site between Tuesday 08 November 2016 and Wednesday 30 November 2016. (Note: An item that has been added is not necessarily fully-archived yet.)

Acorn Atom (1)

Tomcat Kees Van Oss Cassette

Amstrad CPC464 (55)

2048 Les Crackers Velus Cassette
464 Crusader Ispira Cassette
747 Flight Simulator Docsoft Cassette
Amsthrees Glasnost Group Cassette
Auxilio Aereo Antonio Corpas Cassette
Bananas-Recovery Booma Cassette
Cannibalator Trabitboy Cassette
Cavebola Close To Metal Cassette
Chipotle Warfare Cosmig Warpigs Cassette
Cleptrojan Croconauts Cassette
Color Wars Alpacape Cassette
Crystal Frog Sentient Cassette
Dead Warrior Aberracion Uno Cassette
Dragon Attack Bitplane Technomantes Cassette
Ebola: El Octavo Pasajero IA Games Cassette
Elliot Approxbit Cassette
El Reino Del Color Antonio Corpas Cassette
Firewall Wars Navy Xicken Cassette
Fitzroy And The Power Wells Awergh Cassette
Gene Project Los Rodriguez Cassette
Haciendo Campanya Coco Team Cassette
Hair Boy Carlos Sevila Cassette
Harrier Revenge Independiente Cassette
Hero Magic IronDevs Cassette
Hire Hare CNG Soft Cassette
Hunter Or Hunted Traitor's Games Cassette
Ice Slider Ego-trip Cassette
Killfield Paradox Cassette
Kotoran's Shadow Kronoscide Cassette
Maze Adventure Piterayo Cassette
NextTrack Async Team Cassette
Orc's Dungeon Fracture Games Cassette
Outlaws Retrobytes Cassette
Pingu Soccer Pan Z Cassette
Pixel Thief Zrilon Cassette
Proyecto X Poisonous Department Cassette
Retroboom Retro Boom Cassette
Ring Ring Warrior Aberrantes Cassette
Robobit Game Robobit Cassette
Run Away Belén Iniesta Cassette
Scoop! Sentient Cassette
Sidegun Radical Panda Cassette
Space War Equipo Bude Cassette
Steal This Game Dev_Null Cassette
Super Retro Robot Rampage Vortex Cassette
The Amulet Sentient Cassette
The Great Battles Of Magistar SN9495 Cassette
The Grenades Conquest Subxplosion Cassette
The Last Fighter Patatas Asadas Cassette
The Legend Of Anubis Core Studio Cassette
The Legend of CPCerdo CPCR2 Cassette
Thief Runner DVC Cassette
Trad World Mar Cassette
VirusDog CPC Power Cassette
Void Hawk Goodies Cassette

BBC Model B (4)

Autosol R-Soft 5.25" Disc
Disk-Master R-Soft 5.25" Disc
Glider Pilot 2 Apex Software Cassette
Monopoly Richard S. Ball Cassette

Commodore 64 (21)

Decision In The Desert Microprose 5.25" Disc
Digital Drums Unknown 5.25" Disc
Faerie 8th Day Cassette
Fellowship Of The Rings Melbourne House 5.25" Disc
Funky Bop Corner Electrosound Orpheus 5.25" Disc
Game Maker Activision 5.25" Disc
Gertie Goose Reelax Games Cassette
Ice Station Zero 8th Day Cassette
Monster Trivia U. S. Gold Cassette
Monster Trivia U. S. Gold 5.25" Disc
Monster Trivia Cosmi 5.25" Disc
One Bite Too Deep Reelax Games Cassette
Pole Position II Datasoft 5.25" Disc
Quann Tulla 8th Day Cassette
Shadow Fire Tuner Beyond Cassette
Spy's Demise/The Spy Strikes Back Electric Dreams Cassette
The Advanced Music System Rainbird 5.25" Disc
The Great American Cross-Country Road Race Activision 5.25" Disc
The Wild West Ariolasoft Cassette
The Wizard And The Princess Sierra 5.25" Disc
The Worm In Paradise Level 9 Computing Cassette

Dragon 32 (2)

Monster Mine Gem Cassette
The Canal Game Bryan Cassette

PC (Windows) (8)

Grim Fandango Lucasarts Cd
Micro Mart #1430: September 2016 Special ABC Magazine
Micro Mart #1434: October 2016 Special ABC Magazine
Micro Mart #1441 ABC Magazine
Micro Mart #1442: December 2016 Special ABC Magazine
Micro Mart #1443 ABC Cd
Micro Mart #1444 ABC Magazine
Micro Mart #1445 ABC Cd

PlayStation 2 (EU Version) (2)

Super Bust-A-Move Taito Dvd
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground (UK Version) Activision Dvd

PlayStation 3 (EU Version) (1)

Singstar Pop Edition London Studio Dvd

PlayStation 4 (EU Version) (1)

Let's Sing 2016 (EU Version) Ravens Court Blu-Ray

PlayStation Portable (EU Version) (5)

Buzz: The Ultimate Music Quiz Sony Entertainment Umd Disc
Everybody's Golf Platinum Edition Sony Entertainment Umd Disc
Football Manager Handheld 2007 Sega Umd Disc
The Sims 2: Pets Electronic Arts Umd Disc
World Tour Soccer: Challenge Edition London Studio Umd Disc

PlayStation Vita (2)

MotoGP 14 Milestone PlayStation Vita Card
The Legend Of Heroes Trails Of Cold Steel NIS America PlayStation Vita Card

Spectrum 48K (8)

8 Letter Anagrams Ian J. Rogers Cassette
Accelerator Century City Cassette
Amo del Mundo Positive Cassette
Angel Nieto Pole 500 Opera Soft Cassette
Killer Kong Blaby Computer Games Cassette
Sidewize Firebird Cassette
Silkworm Virgin Games Cassette
Who Dares Wins 2 Alligata Cassette

Spectrum 48K/128K (3)

Altered Beast Activision Cassette
Azzurro 8Bit Jam Relevo Videogames Cassette
Silkworm Virgin Games Cassette

Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3 (1)

Monty Python's Flying Circus Virgin Games Cassette