Release v00000011 (Wednesday 23 March 2016)


The following items were added to the Everygamegoing site between Friday 11 March 2016 and Wednesday 23 March 2016. (Note: An item that has been added is not necessarily fully-archived yet.)

Acorn Atom (6)

Games Pack 5 Acornsoft Cassette
Games Pack 7 Acornsoft Cassette
Games Pack 8 Acornsoft Cassette
Games Pack 9 Acornsoft Cassette
Games Pack 10 Acornsoft Cassette
Games Pack 11 Acornsoft Cassette

Atari 400/800 (5)

Android Attack Blaby Computer Games Cassette
Astro Chase Atarisoft ROM Cart
Bombastic English Cassette
Colossus Chess English Cassette
Super Catalog/The Filing Clerk Home Entertainment Cassette

Atari 800/XE/XL (1)

Hyperblast Atarisoft Cassette

BBC Master Compact (2)

E-Type The 4th Dimension 3.5" Disc
White Magic The 4th Dimension 3.5" Disc

BBC Model B (7)

Cribbage Micro Aid Cassette
Database Gemini Cassette
Lightcycles Byteware Cassette
Serpent's Lair Comsoft Cassette
Shirley Conran's Magic Garden Acornsoft Cassette
Shirley Conran's Magic Garden Acornsoft 5.25" Disc
Wordsworth Ian Copestake 5.25" Disc

BBC/Electron (1)

'O'-ACES Physics 1 Sunland Cassette

Camputers Lynx (1)

Golf Gem Cassette

Commodore 16 (1)

Cuthbert And The Tombs Of Doom Microdeal Cassette

Commodore 64 (15)

Armageddon Visions Cassette
Cosmic Bounce Cable Cassette
Gusher Visions Cassette
Little Knight Arthur Pasi_hytonen Cassette
Little Knight Arthur (Cheat Version) Pasi_hytonen Cassette
Maths Invaders Stell Cassette
Midnight Express Camilla Cassette
Outback Paramount Cassette
Snapman Saturn Cassette
Sorcerer's Apprentice Phoenix Cassette
Squash A Frog Alligata Cassette
Superfile Byteware Cassette
The Man From Granny Vectis Cassette
Trax Soft Joe's Software Cassette
Turbo Extended Basic Aztec Cassette

Commodore Vic 20 (4)

Arithmetic 2 Commodore Cassette
Brain Pain Micro Antics Cassette
Chattercount Currah Comptor Components Cassette
Chattermaths Currah Comptor Components Cassette

Dragon 32/64 (4)

Editor/Reseq Microplot Cassette
Minitext Microplot Cassette
Renum Microplot Cassette
Reversi Dragontree Cassette

Dragon 32/64 or Tandy Color 32/64 (1)

Dragon Cruncher Elkan Electronics Cassette

European Machines (2)

Mame Mame Machine
Xbox One (EU Version) Microsoft Machine

Jupiter Ace (1)

Ten All-Time Greats For Your Jupiter Ace Joseph Nicholson Cassette

Mame (1)

Wing Force Atlus Arcade

Oric 1/Oric 48K (3)

Vanquisher Elephant Cassette
Warship Jlp Cassette
Yahtzi/Knight's Move Htl Cassette

Oric 48K/Atmos (1)

Quizmaster - Sports And Games R&R Cassette

PC (MS-DOS) (1)

PcBBC Warm Silence Software Download

PC (Windows) (4)

105 Essential Emulators Live Publishing Dvd
Dosbox 0.74 Free Software Foundation Download
Gremlin's Greatest Hits Live Publishing Dvd
The Graftgold Collection Live Publishing Dvd

PlayStation 2 (EU Version) (2)

Demo Disc 69 PlayStation 2 Official Magazine Dvd
Demo Disc 70 PlayStation 2 Official Magazine Dvd

PlayStation 2 (US Version) (2)

Legend Of The Dragon The Game Factory Dvd
Nitro Bike Ubisoft Dvd

PlayStation 3 (EU Version) (1)

Singstar Pop Edition London Studio Dvd

Sinclair ZX81 (2)

Poolster Naigram Cassette
The Oracle Peacock Cassette

Sord M5 (9)

Cowboy/Barricade Computer Games Cassette
Heavy Boxing Computer Games ROM Cart
Lander Unknown Cassette
Real Tennis Computer Games ROM Cart
Slots Unknown Cassette
Stranded Unknown Cassette
Super Cobra Computer Games ROM Cart
Three Circles/Number Search Computer Games Cassette
Word Maze Computer Games ROM Cart

Spectrum 128K (5)

Seto Taisho Vs. Yokai (English Version) Alessandro Grussu Cassette
Seto Taisho Vs. Yokai (German Version) Alessandro Grussu Cassette
Seto Taisho Vs. Yokai (Italian Version) Alessandro Grussu Cassette
Seto Taisho Vs. Yokai (Portuguese Version) Alessandro Grussu Cassette
Seto Taisho Vs. Yokai (Spanish Version) Alessandro Grussu Cassette

Spectrum 48K (5)

Colditz Adventure Phipps Associates Cassette
Cricket/Darts Cambridge Microcomputer Centre Cassette
Escape MCP Rabbit Cassette
Fist-Ro Fighter Retrobytes Cassette
Stock Accounting And Control Kemp Cassette

TI99/4A (41)

101 Programming Tips And Tricks For The TI-99/4A Home Computer_000 Unknown Book
Alpha T'Omega Stainless Cassette
Amazing Texas Instruments Cassette
Ancient And Royal Mathay Cassette
Assembler Math Stainless Cassette
Autochar File Unknown Cassette
Bankroll Stainless Cassette
Copy Cat Dromeda Cassette
Crazy Cliff Stainless Cassette
Devastation & Sabotage Solid Cassette
Duel Byteware Cassette
Dungeon Gold Stainless Cassette
Fast Frog Plus Norbert Pewterware Cassette
Fighter Pilot Stainless Cassette
Firelady Plus Snakes And Ladders Unknown Cassette
Five-a-Side Soccer Texas Instruments ROM Cart
Forced Route Stainless Cassette
Fruit Machine Christine Computing Cassette
Fun Pac 2 Virgin Games Cassette
Grand Slam B J Flynn Cassette
Graphics Creator & Screen Editor PiKaDee Cassette
House Of Horrors & Star Strike Solid Cassette
Khe Sahn Stainless Cassette
Laser Tank Stainless Cassette
Mr. Frog Stainless Cassette
Munch Man Texas Instruments ROM Cart
Music Synthesizer Stainless Cassette
Napoleon Markat Cassette
Pinball/Cubits Lizard Games Cassette
Quiz Package B. Jackson Cassette
Runner On Trelton Lantern Cassette
Simple Music Program Stainless Cassette
Sir Slurp-A-Lot Christine Computing Cassette
Sloopy's Christmas Sceptre Cassette
Spelling And Phonics Tutor Maple Leaf Microware Cassette
Texi Golf Softi Cassette
Time Tutor Maple Leaf Microware Cassette
Trogman Stainless Cassette
Typing Tutor Warwick Cassette
Video Titles Stainless Cassette
Zap Byteware Cassette

Xbox One (EU Version) (1)

Thief Eidos Dvd

ZX Vega (5)

Amusement Park Jonathan Cauldwell Download
Area 51 Jonathan Cauldwell Download
Encyclopaedia Galactica Jonathan Cauldwell Download
Gamex 2: Playing Dividends Jonathan Cauldwell Download
Retro Racer Jonathan Cauldwell Download