Home Computing Weekly #5 (5th April 1983) (Generic, Magazine)

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Reviews:Softalk II - Spacegames () (Spectrum 48K), N.W.
 :Crevasse/Hotfoot (Microsphere) (Spectrum 16K), D.J.
 :Meteoroids (Softek) (Spectrum 16K), B.B.
 :Arcade Action (Micromega), D.C.
 :Challenge (Micromega) (Sinclair ZX81), D.C.
 :Superball (Axis) (Spectrum 16K), B.B.
 :Backgammon (CP Software) (Spectrum 48K), P.F.
 :Golf (Apex Trading) (Dragon 32), G.M.P.
 :Handicap Golf (CRL) (Dragon 32), -
 :Spectrum Golf (B. S. McAlley) (Spectrum 16K), N.W.
 :Derby Day (CRL) (Spectrum 48K), I.O.
 :Triad (Amba), I.O.
 :Space Intruders (Quicksilva) (Spectrum 16K), C.J.
 :Devilbirds/Digger Man (Macronics), D.J.
 :Auto Graphics (Buttercraft) (Video Genie), R.M.D.
 :Auto Sonics (Buttercraft) (Video Genie), R.M.D.
 :Spectsound (PDQ Software) (Spectrum 48K), B.B.
 :Mines Of Saturn/Return To Earth (Mikro-Gen) (Sinclair ZX81), B.B.
 :Labyrinth (Axis) (Spectrum 16K), P.F.
 :Everest Ascent (Richard Shepherd) (Spectrum 48K), D.T.
 :Pi Mania (Automata) (Dragon 32), G.M.P.
 :Black Crystal (Carnell) (Sinclair ZX81), C.C.
 :The Trader Trilogy (Quicksilva) (Sinclair ZX81), C.C.
 :Night Gunner (Digital Integration) (Sinclair ZX81), T.D.
 :Jackpot (CRL) (Spectrum 48K), I.O.