Amstrad Action #28 (1st January 1988) (Amstrad CPC464, Magazine)

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Action Test:Western Games (Magic Bytes/Ariolasoft), GBH
 :Chamonix Challenge (Infogrames), GBH
 :Blue War (Go), CJB
 :Aliens: US Version (Electric Dreams), CJB
 :Clever And Smart (Magic Bytes/Ariolasoft), GBH
 :Flash Gordon (Mastertronic Added Dimension), GBH
 :Combat School (Ocean), GBH
 :Phantom Club (Ocean), GBH
 :Out Of The World (Reaktor/Ariolasoft), GBH
 :Stifflip & Co. (Palace), GBH
 :Match Day II (Ocean), GBH
 :Driller (Incentive), GBH
 :720&deg; (US Gold), CJB
 :Saracen (Americana), CJB
 :Agent X II (Mastertronic Added Dimension), CJB
 :Ziggurat (Reaktor/Ariolasoft), GBH
 :Jackal (Konami), CJB
 :Ninja Hamster (CRL), GBH
 :Gauntlet II (US Gold), GBH
Previews:The Preview Page, -
Reviews:Knight Orc (Level 9/Rainbird), GBH
 :Gnome Ranger (Level 9), The Pilgrim
 :Slaine (Martech), The Pilgrim
 :Professional Adventure Writer (Gilsoft), The Pilgrim