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Autochar File (Unknown) (TI99/4A)

Reviewed By D.B. In Home Computing Weekly #62

Autochar File is not a game but a valuable programming aid for those who would like to devise their own games but are put off by the work involved in setting up graphics characters.

On loading this program a box is depicted on screen with a black square in it. By using the direction keys you can move around in the box and print the square by pressing the number one key. If an alteration is required a square may be deleted by pressing the number zero key.

In this way characters may be built up and when the desired format is achieved you simply press enter and the char code is shown. A small diagram is also displayed showing the effect the character gives when printed across the entire screen.

Additional facilities are that char codes may be saved for use at a later date, enabling the user to build an entire library character codes.

At £4.95 I think this program is invaluable to the programmer as a great effort- and time-saving device.

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