The Grenades Conquest

The Grenades Conquest

There aren't a lot of two player only games for the Amstrad, so, if you want to take on your little brother or your girlfriend, there's only a fairly limited choice. The Grenades Conquest adds one more game to that short list, and offers you the opportunity to either hunt down the other player and blast him with a grenade launcher or, alternatively, to steal a key from his base and make good your escape.

The game works on the "best of nine" principle, so the first player to either steal five keys or massacre his friend five times is crowed winner. The two characters move speedily through the maze and can even occasionally outrun the other's slugs.

Of course, the game is limited if you can't find a mate to play with, and on one occasion there seemed to be a bug that caused one of the characters to stop firing for a short time. But other than that, there's nothing to criticize.

Graphics 53%
Lastability 75%
Playability 64%
Sound 60%
Overall 63%

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