Election Battleground

Election Battleground

Election Battleground, or Haciendo Campanya in Spanish, is a two-player only game in which each player visits towns in Spain as the representative of one of four political parties. All that may make it sound like it's going to be a boring election result predictor but it's actually an arcade game.

You see, to win an election, as we all know, you have to advertise your candidate by plastering posters of him everywhere. And that's what each player must do - race around the board, covering every last square inch of the town with small poster icons. Beware colliding with the students, who will grab you to discuss political issues and cost you time. Also beware colliding with the police, who will take all your posters down.

Other than posters, there are icons which, if collected, can tip the balance in your favour. The jacket, for example, switches your opponent's posters to your own.

Election Battleground is a bit of a frantic affair but it's passable as Basic games go and if you can find a second player, you may well get some enjoyment out of it.

Graphics 40%
Lastability 34%
Playability 75%
Sound 34%
Overall 46%

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