Hire Hare

Hire Hare

Hire Hare is a colourful isometric game in which you play the Sorceress Hecatia on a dungeon crawl to find nine black lamps. It comes from CNG Soft.

The dungeons are filled with dragon trophies that spit fire across your path and patrolling nasties of different types. Colliding with anything that moves reduces Hecatia's energy level, shown on the right of the screen. Some screens also have little arrows that indicate they join to others.

As well as walking and firing, there are objects like barrels, chairs, tables and blocks scattered around that get in the way and can be pushed, pulled and jumped upon.

The main issue with Hire Hare is the collision detection - it seems to take a heck of a lot of work to simply position Hecatia safely, particularly in relation to fireballs which seem to make contact when they shouldn't. A secondary issue is that it's quite a tedious trek through the dungeons, which seem all-too-pretty into the bargain.

There's nice music throughout but it's not an intuitive game to play and it's hard to work out when you're on the right path or when you're just wasting your time. Those who persevere however may find it holds a few secrets I haven't found.

Graphics 61%
Lastability 66%
Playability 40%
Sound 73%
Overall 60%

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