Hair Boy

Hair Boy

It's Hair Boy...! Let's see what he's all about. Hmmm...

"Hair Boy was born with strong, sticky blonde hair but sadly with no arms or legs. Hair Boy loves nothing more than tossing his sword around and then retrieving it again. Help reunite Hair Boy with his sword throughout 78 crazy screens of fun."

So, in fact, a better name for Hair Boy would be "Sticky Hair Head". What you have to do in the game is to use the hair's sticky properties to climb walls and beat through bricks. There's actually not too much more to say than that - screens require a combination of dexterity, timing and, on occasion, a fair amount of good luck. The sticky hair makes for an unusual game mechanic, allowing you to slowly bounce up what appear at first to be unassailable walls - and of course to recover from falls if you jump from one to another but don't quite make it.

Screens get tougher - but there isn't really the variety needed to sustain interest. Without any real hook factor, it's too easy to tire of the concept and look elsewhere.

Graphics 35%
Lastability 41%
Playability 56%
Sound 50%
Overall 45%

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