Dragon Attack

Dragon Attack

Dragon Attack is a superb little game released by Bitplane Technomantes. In it, you've been volunteered to defend the Earth - yes, again - this time from Star Dragons. And believe me, one Star Dragon is about ten times more vicious than the most hardened fleet of Space Invaders.

Star Dragons keep at the very top of the screen and pepper the whole playing area with arcs of bullets. It's your task to destroy them and avoid colliding with anything that moves - a task that needs fast reactions and a lot of concentration. What prevents it being impossible is some generous collision detection and the ability to turn on a nice auto-fire function.

Graphics and control are first-rate. The soundtrack is also awesome and sounds a little like The Terminator theme. Even the intro is suitably atmospheric, doing some clever things with ASCII characters that I've never seen elsewhere.

Dragon Attack is fast and frantic, and the amount of work that's gone into it is clear for all to see. Bravo!

Graphics 84%
Lastability 66%
Playability 90%
Sound 75%
Overall 79%

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