Regreso Al CPC

Regreso Al CPC

Last year was the 30th anniversary of Back To The Future and CPCRetroDev's annual game-writing competition received a slew of games based on the famous Michael J. Fox time-travel movie. Regreso Al CPC, literally Back To The CPC in Spanish, was one of them.

Having travelled back in time to 1985 to source components for your broken Amstrad, the game involves you, in a DeLorean car, travelling along a never-ending road, running over Eighties memorabilia such as cardboard 3D glasses, skateboards and headphones. Watch out for the Sports Almanacs though. These will drain your energy.

If you read that last paragraph again, you'll see that the backstory bears no relation at all to what you have to do. However, what is worse is that, if this game is anything to go by, Marty may actually have hit 1980 rather than 1985; the style of play reminds me of the dark age Tandy CoCo games - and the potential of the Amstrad is only really experienced in the groovy opening and closing musical accompaniments.

As for the rest, it's very unsophisticated fare, with controls limited to up and down and very little incentive to play at all! Music aside, I suspect the game is only a weekend's work. Next!

Graphics 13%
Playability 7%
Sound 60%
Overall 27%

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