If you have a couple of hours to spare, why not test your grey matter on a game which will have you struggling for a couple of weeks, if not months?

Ricochet puts you in the role of a Sprat, a red bouncing ball, whose main objective in life is to survive all the way to the end of the fifth level without dying. At this point, you discover the secret message *#~#*. Sorry folks, can't figure that one out but perhaps future issues of Acorn User will enlighten us all with the answers!

Like most games, Ricochet isn't as easy as it looks, for not only must you dodge various unhealthy obstacles, but the thought of dropping into a hole from which there is no return and having to commit suicide is not too encouraging!

There are five different levels and each one gets progressively harder than the previous one, and as you may expect, the meanies get meaner. But that should be no problem for our red bouncing hero.

The Sprat can jump at different heights and directions and roll up and down ladders and ropes. The action istn't fast and furious but it's a superb problem-solving game. A must for your games collection.

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