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Tetris (Tandy Color Computer 1/2/3, ROM Cart)
Publisher: Radio Shack

Genre: Arcade; Drop Pieces To Form Wall Classic

Machine Compatibility: Tandy Color Computer, Tandy Color Computer 2, Tandy Color Computer 3

Release: On ROM Cart

Available For:
Tandy Color Computer 1/2/3 & Tandy Color Computer 3

How To Play

No short description is available for this item yet.

Game Information

Original Release Date: 1st Jan 1984*
Original Release Price: Unknown
Market Valuation: £0.00 (How Is This Calculated?)
Author(s): Greg Zumwalt

Multiple Versions

This item contains versions for Tandy Color Computer 1/2/3 and Tandy Color Computer 3.
The screenshots shown are for the Tandy Color Computer 1/2/3 version of the game.

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