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Clowns & Balloons (1983) (Tandy Color Computer 1/2/3, ROM Cart)
Publisher: Radio Shack

Genre: Game; See-saw Clowns

Cover Art Language: English

Machine Compatibility: Tandy Color Computer, Tandy Color Computer 2, Tandy Color Computer 3

Release: On ROM Cart

Available For:
Tandy Color Computer 1/2/3

How To Play

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Game Information

Original Release Date: 1st Jan 1983*
Original Release Price: Unknown
Market Valuation: £0.00 (How Is This Calculated?)
Author(s): Steve Bjork

Full Instructions

Join Us!

Leave your daily cares behind you
for an hour or a day.
Come and join our travelling circus!
Read these notes and you can play!

Game Objective

White balloons will start appearing
all in rows across the screen.
There will be a man to pop them
leaping on a trampoline!

Can you guess where this is leading?
Can you guess what you must do?
When the man starts falling downward,
catching him is up to you!

Starting Up

Minimum equipment required to play:
A Color Computer with 16K.
You'll need joysticks - they come in twos
and a TV set with adjustable hues.

Your cartridge goes in the slot on the right.
Don't try to force it - but it does fit tight.
Tune the TV channel to 4 or to 3.
Set the computer selector switch accordingly.

Connect a right-hand joystick please;
read the back of the keyboard to do it with ease.
Turn the Color Computer and TV on now.
Are you ready to start? OK - here's how:

Playing Levels

Hear the circus music playing!
See the colours flashing bright!
On the screen you'll see our name,
and you'll see the copyright.

If you want to see the circus,
but the band has more to play -
you can press just any key
to start the circus right away.

Now you see a demonstration
of the purpose of this game.
See the trampoline that's moving?
You'll learn how to do the same.

First you choose a playing level,
1 is best if you are new.
Press 3 for the hardest level.
In between, of course, is 2.

To start, you press the fire button
then get ready for the fun.
If you simply press this button
you will start at Level 1.


Now you see our little circus.
See the clowns with the trampoline?
Use the joystick and you'll move them
back and forth across the screen.

There's the first man on the ladder.
See how quickly he can climb?
He just wants to pop the balloons
and he's not wasting any time!


When the man starts falling downward,
try and catch him if you can.
Every time that you can catch him,
you'll increase your score by 10.

Did you miss him? Is he standing
upside down on his poor head?!
Now the band is playing for him.
It sounds sad, he must be dead!

Don't give up though, you're not through yet!
Wait a bit and you will see
another man start climbing upward -
all in all, there will be three.

Every time a man has fallen,
your current status will be clear.
The men remaining will line up -
a "men left" number will appear.

See the rows of white balloons floating?
Do you really want to win?
Make the man bounce ever higher
Till he pops them with his pin!

The lowest balloons earn 20 points.
The middle balloons are better yet.
When you pop a middle balloon,
it's 50 points that you will get.


For every row that's popped in order:
Bottom, middle, top row last,
you will get an extra bonus -
"Now what could that be?" you ask.

You will get ten times the value
of what just one balloon would earn.
We will give you some examples
so that you easily can learn.

If you pop the bottom row
before the top two rows are gone,
you'll get 200 extra points.
Now keep it up - you can't go wrong!

When you win this kind of bonus,
you will see a dancing man.
After extra points appear,
be ready - catch him if you can!

The middle row if popped in order
(when no balloons appear below)
will win 500 bonus points.
Again, the bonus points will show.

The top row's bonus is 1000
if you pop the whole row last.
I'm afraid there is a catch though.
"And what could that be?" you ask.

When you pop a row completely,
and there are balloons still left below -
watch the row your proudly emptied
fill with balloons again - Oh no!!

There is still another bonus,
it's a little harder yet.
But it's really worth the effort,
it's the best thing you can get!

When you choose your playing level,
on the screen you'll see a score.
Beat this number and you'll find,
instead of three men, you'll get four.

Advanced Play

When you have the whole screen emptied
(with the help of the buffoon)
you might think the game is over.
Better think again - and soon!

Since you're getting so much better,
popping every balloon in sight -
the rows of balloons will reappear
and this time, they'll put up a fight!

They will start to travel faster,
just to make it hard to score.
Congratulations! You're an expert -
we can't tell you any more!

Ending The Game

When you want to end the game
to start another, or to quit,
you can stop the game in progress
it's the BREAK hit that you hit.

There's just one thing to remember,
so we can leave you in no doubt.
Be sure and turn off your computer
before you take your cartridge out!

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