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Fist-Ro Fighter (2016) (Spectrum 48K, Cassette)
Publisher: Retrobytes
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Machine Compatibility: Spectrum 128K, Spectrum 48K

Release: On Cassette

Available For:
Spectrum 48K

Emulators: ZXSpin (PC (Windows))

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Game Information

Original Release Date: 7th Mar 2016*
Original Release Price: Unknown
Market Valuation: £2.50 (How Is This Calculated?)
Author(s): -

What They Said

"Life is too short... The only thing I found nice was the animated expressions of the Dragonball Z clone." (Read Full Review)
... Micro Mart

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Full Instructions


Until today, the villains of Santa Coloma, Barcelona, had a serious problem. That problem was Salmuela Sam, the town's most efficient policeman in history. Using a little known fighting technique, Samuela Sam had succeeded in keeping villains off the streets. But today, his fat colleague, Gazpanchete, discovered Salmuela's secret.

Inside Salmuela's locker he discovered a manual of the ancient technique of -RO!. A technique that involves focusing all your strength in your fist. Gazpanchete now knows the technique too...

"I have not said my last word, Gazpanchete!"

Game Objective

Reach Gazpanchete's lair and hit him with your... fist! This will keep the -RO! technique safe for future generations.

The "-Ro!" Bar

You have one life to achieve your goal, and is represented by the state of your health. The bar runs from fury to death. When you are hit by a villain, your health is affected. When you hit a villain yourself, it increases. The idea is to fill the -RO! bar to the maximum by making five hits in a row (without taking a hit yourself). You will then see Salmuela connecting with the Ro Ancestors and his fist will become filled with their strength.

If you are suffering from poor health, eat rice bowls with red wine or break the boxes which often contain food.

When your character is not in Fury Mode, the -RO! bar goes up, but you will only be able to tap into the "-Ro" power when the face is in Fury Mode. When you eat, you will see the "Ro!" bar increase.


  1. It is sometimes better to fight first, and eat later.
  2. Even if you feel tempted to hit repeatedly, it is occasionally better to stop and isolate particular enemies in the areas of the screen where they find it most difficult to fight back.
  3. Pick the food after a fight, and if you have the face under fury, even better, as the -RO! Bar will most likely filled completely and reaching another level of -RO! easily.
  4. Do not forget to hit boxes, they may hide food.
  5. You are forced to raise your -RO! Levels as the enemies will be stronger while you progress in the game.
  6. The game is tough, but every screen has its tricks. (The authors have tried to capture the spirit of the coin-ops of the 80s, where mastering those tricks made you complete the games!)
  7. You will have to attack by surprise the enemies who are able to attack in the distance.
  8. In most of the screens there will be several ways to reach the next one; some are better, some worse. Every now and then you will suffer from a cruel trap, which is kind of a homage to all those games from the 80s.


There are five type of enemies:

  1. Grenuo. He listens to hard rock music and drinks beer with straw. Although he may look weak, he can scare you when in groups.
  2. Ghalia. Sex Pistols fan. He will try to get behind you to stab you. He is a smart guy and persistent. Do not bother to hit him a lot in a row.
  3. Volandas. These ninja are just rappers with some toilet paper. They are quite dumb and it is easy to take them to narrow areas to beat them up. Do not let them get away though; or they will send you a loveee kiss.
  4. Mazius: Fat blokes hired by Gazpanchete to stop your progress. They are slow, and although they look easy to defeat, they can hit strong and fast. You must hit them repeatedly.
  5. Balines: Hardened gangsters who will shoot at you. It is useless to hide behind walls or boxes. They will shoot at you whenever they see you. You must stealth them and then hit them with no mercy.

Finally, Gazpanchete will be hiding in his lair, waiting for you to hit you in your ass, like Mazius.

He is very fast with his weapon so you will have to be fast as well and push him off the cliff.

Game Controls

O - Left, P - Right, Q - Up, SPACE/M - Fire



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TapeA digital version of Fist-Ro Fighter suitable for ZXSpin (PC (Windows))

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