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Teodoro No Sabe Volar (2010) (MSX, ROM Cart)

Publisher: RetroWorks (Official Web Site)

Genre: Arcade: Adventure

Cover Art Language: English

Machine Compatibility: MSX, Toshiba MSX

Release: Profesionally released On ROM Cart

Available For:
Amstrad CPC464, MSX, Spectrum 48K & ZX Vega

How To Play

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Game Information

Original Release Price: £8.99
Author(s): -
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Full Instructions


The Cornejal kingdom was living its golden days with parties, banquets, tournaments, theater festivals, games and laughs. Lots of laughs. A haven of peace in the world. Despite that, the kingdom did have an army, because historically it had to fight against invaders. The army was an elite that only those who could fly could access. For the rest, were the rest of jobs. Teodoro couldn't fly and so he became the jester, although he'd always wanted to be a soldier.

But the happy days of the kingdom came to an end. An strange army that came from nowhere suddenly attacked the castle and before it had time to react, the battle was lost. Soldiers disappeared in an instant and only King Rui and Teodoro were left.

The desperate king, while being carried away on the shoulders of the victors, implored that someone go to the highest tower to fire the alarm flame to warn the rest of kingdoms that an enemy was attacking.

Teodoro was the last survivor and, despite being just a lowly jester, wanted to try the complex task...


  1. The jump has a maximum height that can be reached leaving the corresponding key pressed. The lenght will be established with the direction key. If you don't press any direction, the jump will be vertical.
  2. That which burns, pricks or is bottomless, kills you.
  3. Look at the marker and you'll know which objects you need to take, and where to use them.
  4. Keys can be taken, locks can't.
  5. Each 3 groups of coins taken, you'll get an extra life. Sometimes they're in difficult spots, but it's worth to collect them.
  6. Flashing interrogations are surprise boxes with advantages inside, take them without fear.
  7. There are two kinds of doors, they're all connected, and they can be exit only or entrance only.
  8. Upon entering each room wait and see for a moment, the entrance position is usually safe and there can be dangerous elements that can't be easily seen.
  9. Don't rush, most situations are easy to solve, and only require patience.

Game Controls

Teodoro can be moved horizontally, can jump and can make other movements that he'll tell you as the game advances.


P - Pause/Continue, ESC - Skip texts, CONTROL-STOP - Exit game

Game Credits

Original idea, design and graphics: Fco. Javier Velasco
Programming and additional graphics: José Vila Cuadrillero
Sound engine, music and SFXs: José Vicente Masó
Testing: David Donaire, José Juan Rodenas, Javier Peña, Jaime Tejedor,
Manuel Pazos, Fran
Translation: Jaime Tejedor

Thanks to:

F.J. Velasco for the hard work we made at the beginning of development;
Javier Peña for his help in those parts of the code where one sometimes gets stuck;
Fran Wis for his constant support and friendship about MSX and his great graphic work;
David Donaire for his scoldings with AMSTRAD port, that meant improvement for the MSX one;
Fran. J. Locos for finding those rare bugs that coders often overlook; almost all Retroworks group, for getting involved and the support of many of its members; and
all those who bear with me and my constant messages and questions.

Dedicated to:

Benway, to encourage him to finish Cray 5. Teodoro, for waiting over 20 years to see the light.

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