Colour Genie Beginner's Manual (1982) (Colour Genie, Book)
Publisher: EACA
E. Wedeking | EACA | Eaglesoft

Language: English

Machine Compatibility: Colour Genie

Release: Professionally published book


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Original Release Date: 3rd Dec 1982
Original Release Price: Unknown
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Weight Boxed: 58g
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Congratulations on purchasing the Colour Genie microcomputer! You are now the proud owner of one of the most sophisticated personal computers available. This manual is designed to tell you how to get the system up and going designed to tell you how to get the system up and going without going too deeply into how the computer works or how to program it.

It can be used in tandem with the Colour Genie Demonstration Cassette to demonstrate the data and graphics potential of your micro and includes chapters on the keyboard, simple Basic commands, screen resolution and sound. If you want to go further then read the thicker book on the Colour Genie BASIC Manual.

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