Navy Seals (1993) (Amstrad CPC 464+/GX4000, ROM Cart)
Publisher: Ocean
Occult | Ocean | Ocean/Erbe

Cover Art Language: English

Machine Compatibility: Amstrad CPC464+, Amstrad GX4000

Release: Professionally released On ROM Cart

Available For:
Amstrad CPC 464+/GX4000, Commodore 64, Game Boy & Spectrum 128K

How To Play

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Game Information

Original Release Date: 1st Nov 1993
Original Release Price: £24.99
Market Valuation: £181.61 (How Is This Calculated?)
Author(s): -

What They Said

"Great... Several levels of platform shooting, collecting and jumping, and tough enough to last." (Read Full Review)
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"Hard, very colourful and excellently animated... Persevere to get a little further into the game because things really do take off." (Read Full Review)
... Amstrad Action
"You certainly won't be finishing Navy Seals too quickly, but it may be a little too tough." (Read Full Review)
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