Allows you to use the API to remove (and re-add) items to your collection on the Everygamegoing site.[sales_item_id]

[sales_item_id] is a mandatory parameter.

You need to be logged into the Everygamegoing site, and you need to know the [sales_item_id] you want to toggle to use this call. Make sure you know the difference between Sales Item ID and Item ID to save yourself a lot of inconvenience.

If, for example, you were the owner of the Sales Item ID of 563 (an item in your collection), you could call:

to remove it from your collection. A response containing an array similar to the following would be returned:


flag_in_collection will be 0 if a successful removal of the item from your collection took place.

flag_in_collection will be 1 if a successful re-addition of the item to your collection took place.

If you are familiar with the Everygamegoing Admin Panel, then you can see this API command in operation if you view an item in your collection and click the button 'Remove From Collection'.