Brings back an array of information on a game (thing) on the Everygamegoing site which meets the following conditions:

  1. does not have any screenshots
  2. does not have the property flag_no_screenshots_available set to 1
  3. is currently connected to one or more items
  4. is not connected to an item which is a compilation

The information returned can be used by a Curator of the site to assess whether any screenshots for the game can in fact be provided.[machine_type_id]/

By default, any game in the entire database for any machine may be returned. To filter the game returned by a particular machine, an optional parameter [machine_type_id] may be added to the end of the call. You can determine the machine_type_id you require using the API call to getAllMachines.

In the following example, the machine_type_id of 15 is used to return a random game without screenshots for the Commodore 64.

At time of writing, the response returned for this call was:

		"show_title":"The Advanced Music System",
		"machine_type_name":"Commodore 64",

The fields returned are all self-explanatory but a table explaining them is given below.

Key Human-readable Explanation Value Data Type Value Example
thing_id Thing ID String 75054
item_title Game Item Title String The_Advanced_Music_System
ills_folder Screenshot Folder String rainbird
format_folder Format Folder String tapes
format_type_group_id Format Type Group ID String 1001
flag_no_screenshots_available Flag No Screenshots Available String 0
show_title Name Of Game String The Advanced Music System
format_type_group_name Format Type Group Name String Cassette
item_id Item ID String 81616
machine_type_group_id Machine Type Group ID String 15
machine_type_id Machine Type ID String 15
machine_type_name Machine Type ID String Commodore 64
machine_type_group_default_folder Machine Type ID String c64

At the moment, I suspect that this call is of limited (by which I mean "no") use to any external application. The call is included for scaleability, so that when Everygamegoing is opened up to additional curators, they may potentially upload screenshots for those games that are missing them.