Brings back an array of information on a publisher by its Publisher ID, its Publisher Folder or its Name.

This same command is used for each and needs to take a mandatory key->value pair as parameters.[key]/[value]

The [key] must be one of the following:

  1. publisher_id
  2. publisher_folder
  3. publisher_info

A [value] must be given. See the examples for further details.

The following call, substituting 'publisher_id' for [key] and '8' for [value]:

will return a response containing the following array:

Note: If using publisher_info, you will need to URL encode the value if it includes the space character.

		"publisher_library_state_desc":"Software no longer available direct from publisher",
		"publisher_address":"Algray House, 33 Bradbury Street, Barnsley, South Yorkshire",

The fields returned are explained in the following table:

Key Human-readable Explanation Value Data Type Value Example
publisher_id Publisher ID Integer 2
publisher_info Publisher Name String Algray
publisher_folder Publisher Folder String algray
publisher_state_desc Publisher State String (Inactive/Active) Inactive
publisher_library_state_desc Publisher Library State String Software no longer available...
publisher_website Publisher Website String
publisher_address Publisher Address String Algray House ... Yorkshire
publisher_country Publisher Country String UK
publisher_state_id Publisher State ID Integer 2
publisher_library_state_id Publisher Library State ID Integer 300

If you have viewed the Algray publisher's landing page on the Everygamegoing site, then you will see the above information used to give some information on the publisher.

This call is most useful when you require more information on a the publisher of a particular item. Essentially, the Publisher State indicates whether the publisher is still producing games (and hence indicates if items may be available brand new) and the Publisher Website may provide a link to the website where the item may be purchased. The other fields returned will probably not be useful to you yet.