Brings back the item that Everygamegoing has in its archives that has been most recently "modified" by an administrator. Modification can include:

  1. adding a cover scan
  2. adding a release date
  3. confirming a release date
  4. changing the item's title

Note: The call takes the same parameters as the call to randomValueItem.[machine_type_id]/[with_attribute]

[machine_type_id] is a mandatory parameter, and allows you to filter for the most recently modified item on a particular machine. You can discover the machine_type_id for any machine by using the call to getAllMachines. If you do not want to filter by machine then place 9999 as the value for this parameter.

[with_attribute] is an optional parameter and using it simply allows you to force the return of an item with a particular attribute. The accepted values for [with_attribute] are:

  1. Cover ... Return only an attribute which has a cover scan
  2. Screenshot ... Return only an attribute which has at least one screenshot
  3. None ... Return any item regardless of whether it has a cover scan or screenshot

Specifying "None" will return the same result as not specifying a value for the [with_attribute].

For example, the following call is used to get the most recently modified item for the BBC Model B:

At time of writing, it returned the following response:

		"show_title":"Map Rally",
		"machine_type_group_name":"BBC Model B",
		"date_modified":"2017-01-25 10:58:29",
		"formatted_date_modified":"25th January 2017"

The following table shows the data types returned:

Key Human-readable Explanation Value Data Type Value Example
item_id Item ID Integer 60971
covl Cover Art (Largest) String covl/...
covs Cover Art (Regular Size) String covs/...
covl_small Cover Art (Shop Size) String shop/covl_small/...
covl_tiny Cover Art (Shop Smallest) String covl_tiny/...
ills Screenshots Array Key->String
show_title Show Title String Map Rally
publisher_info Publisher String Acornsoft/BES
machine_type_group_name Stated Machine Compatibility String BBC Model B
format_type_info Media Format Of Item String Cassette
date_modified Date Modified (DB Format) String 2017-01-25 10:58:29
formatted_date_modified Date Modified (UK Format) String 25th January 2017

Note: The ills array will only be returned if the database features screenshots of the game in action. Make sure you test to ensure it exists before parsing it.