Brings back the item that Everygamegoing has in its archives that has the highest "official" release date, excluding those items where we have no idea what the release date was.

This call is used on the home page of the site to show the very latest released game we have in the database (at time of writing, Fateextella The Umbral Star for the PlayStation Vita. However, it can also be used to show the most recently released item for any machine.

Note: The call takes the same parameters as the call to randomValueItem.[machine_type_id]/[with_attribute]

[machine_type_id] is a mandatory parameter, and allows you to filter a random item for a particular machine. You can discover the machine_type_id for any machine by using the call to getAllMachines. If you do not want to filter then place 9999 as the value for this parameter.

[with_attribute] is an optional parameter and using it simply allows you to force the return of an item with a particular attribute. The accepted values for [with_attribute] are:

  1. Cover ... Return only an attribute which has a cover scan
  2. Screenshot ... Return only an attribute which has at least one screenshot
  3. None ... Return any item regardless of whether it has a cover scan or screenshot

Specifying "None" will return the same result as not specifying a value for the [with_attribute].

For example, the following call is used on the home page to show the earliest release we have on the site:

and it returns the following response:

		"show_title":"Fateextella The Umbral Star",
		"publisher_info":"Marvelous Entertainment",
		"machine_type_group_name":"PlayStation Vita",
		"format_type_info":"PlayStation Vita Card",
		"release_date":"2017-01-10 00:00:00",
		"formatted_release_date":"10th January 2017"

The following table shows the data types returned:

Key Human-readable Explanation Value Data Type Value Example
item_id Item ID Integer 81401
covl Cover Art (Largest) String covl/...
covs Cover Art (Regular Size) String covs/...
covl_small Cover Art (Shop Size) String shop/covl_small/...
covl_tiny Cover Art (Shop Smallest) String covl_tiny/...
ills* Screenshots Array Key->String
show_title Show Title String Fateextella
publisher_info Publisher String Marvelous Entertainment
machine_type_group_name Stated Machine Compatibility String PlayStation Vita
format_type_info Media Format Of Item String PlayStation Vita Card
release_date Release Date (DB Format) String 2017-01-10 00:00:00
formatted_release_date Release Date (UK Format) String 10th January 2017

Note: The ills array will only be returned if the database features screenshots of the game in action. Make sure you test to ensure it exists before parsing it.

Note that there is also a call which returns information on the most recently released item called getMostRecentlyReleasedItem. You should examine the differences between the two and choose the one which is the more suitable for your application.