Brings back a string containing the article in html or plain txt format for a magazine article of which you know the unique Mag Article ID.[mag_article_id]/[txt_type]

Note: This command takes two parameters. The first is [mag_article_id], which is mandatory. The second is [txt_type], which is optional and can be html or txt. If omitted, html will be returned.

Using Mag Article ID 26394 as an example with the following command:

returns the following JSON response:

	"response":"Mercenary\r\n=========\r\n\r\nMercenary\r\n--...on the Amstrad.\r\n"}


Key Human-readable Explanation Value Data Type Value Example
response Article String Mercenary\r\n==...

This command is designed to be used in conjunction with getMagArticleDataByMagArticleID (which returns the more common data).