Brings back either a text file (if one exists) or a html-formatted file (if one exists) of the instructions for an item on the Everygamegoing web site. For example, if you own a web store selling computer games and want to give the instructions on how to play the game, you can use this command to retrieve them.

The structure of the command is as follows:[item_title]/[machine_type_id]/[txt/html]

You can retrieve the [item_title] of a game by making a call to getItemByItemID and extracting it from the response. (Alternatively, you may be able to deduce the [item_title] without a call as it is, in almost all cases, the name of the item with no special characters, and with any spaces in its title replaced with the underscore character.)

You can retrieve a list of all the machine_type_ids by making a call to getAllMachines. You should then store the results of this call locally and make your call with the [machine_type_id] corresponding to the machine you wish to retrieve instructions for.

Both [item_title] and [machine_type_id] are mandatory parameters. The [txt/html] can be set to html if you would like the instructions to be returned in plain text or html format. If this parameter is not given then plain text will be returned.

For example, hitting the following URL will return the instructions for the Acorn Electron version of Barbarian in html format:
	"response":"<section id = \"intro\">\r\n<header>\r\n...\r\n<\/section>\r\n"

The response is a string (which may be rather long for some games with extensive instructions). If Everygamegoing has no instructions in the format you specified then a blank string is returned.

Note: Many games have instructions in both formats but some items on Everygamegoing, particularly Acorn Electron games, only have instructions in html format. This is simply because Acorn Electron games were the very first items to have their instructions added to the site and they were created in html, and no plain text equivalents of them have ever been created.