Brings back the details of five videos from the Everygamegoing site. The call is named getEggVideoSuggestions because the details can be used to construct a small icon with suggested videos.[id_type]/[id]

The call can be used without any parameters, in which case the entire database table of videos will be queried at random to give the suggestions, i.e.:

or, alternatively, you may filter by a known machine_type_id by issuing the call in this format:

Note that in the above call, the machine_type_id given is 8 (Amstrad CPC). If you need to find a machine_type_id, you can do so by using the call to getAllMachines.

In either case, you will return a response which contains an array of five elements:

			"show_title":"The Legend Of Anubis",
			"release_date":"2016-11-07 00:00:00",
			"thing_short_description":"A very small overhead maze game...",
			"machine_type_group_name":"Amstrad CPC464",

The fields returned are all self-explanatory but a table explaining them is given below.

Key Human-readable Explanation Value Data Type Value Example
thing_video_id Thing Video ID String 579
youtube_ref YouTube Reference String PjtceQmA7_U
show_title Show Title String The Legend Of Anubis
item_title Item Title String The_Legend_Of_Anubis
ills_folder Ills Folder String core_studio
format_type_group_name Format Type Group Name String Cassette
release_date Release Date String 2016-11-07 00:00:00
release_year Release Year String 2016
machine_type_group_id Machine Type Group ID Integer 8
machine_type_group_default_folder Machine Type Group Folder String amstrad
thing_short_description Short Description String A very small overhead maze game...
machine_type_group_name Machine Type Group Name Integer Amstrad CPC464
format_folder Format Folder String tapes
machine_type_id Machine Type ID Integer 8
ills_extension Ills Extension String gif

You will note that this call returns the thing_video_id field, which means that you can then use that field in conjunction with the call to getEggVideoReview if you need to.