Brings back a single integer which represents the number of items currently for sale on the Everygamegoing site.[id_type]/[id]

[id_type] and [id] are an "optional parameter pair". That means, you can use the call:

  1. without either of them, in which case you will simply get a total count of how many items are for sale, or
  2. with both of them in which case you specify either 'machine_type_id' or 'machine_type_group_id' for [id_type] and the appropriate id.

For example:

will return a response similar to the following:


The call made specified a machine_type_id of 1 (Dragon 32) and so the API returned that, at time of writing this guide, 120 items were for sale on Everygamegoing for the Dragon 32.

Remember, if you need to identify the machine_type_id for a machine, you can use the call to getAllMachines to discover it.