Returns an array of the different scores that the given magazine would award when reviewing games in its pages.[mag_key]/[mag_value]/

[mag_key] and [mag_value] are mandatory parameters and no results will be returned without both of them being specified correctly.

Stepping through the parameters in the call:

[mag_key] must be a string of 'mag_id' or 'mag_name'.

[mag_value] must be the appropriate value corrresponding to the [mag_key] specified.

So, for example, you may call for the scores awarded by reviews in Amstrad Action by using its mag_id:

or, you could use its name:

The response returned will be similar to the following:

		"Farting Sonics",
		"Grab Factor",
		"Puke Factor",
		"Staying Power"

You can only really appreciate the "use" of this particular call by referring to getHighestAwardByMagFor.