Brings back an array of all the authors on the Everygamegoing site which match the filters specified.[name_type]/[starting_letter]

Both [name_type] and [starting_letter] are mandatory parameters and no results will be returned without both of them being specified correctly.

The following call, substituting 'Surname' for [name_type] and 'E' for [starting_letter]:

will return a response containing an array similar to the following:

			"author_name":"Dave E",
			"author_name":"Aguev E.",
			"author_name":"F. J. E. McPherson",
			"author_surname":"E. McPherson"
			"author_name":"C. Eyssautier",
			"author_name":"Kemal Ezcan",

The fields returned are all self-explanatory but a table explaining them is given below.

Key Human-readable Explanation Value Data Type Value Example
author_id Author ID Integer 2
author_name Author Name String Dave E
author_first_name Author First Name String Dave
author_surname Author Surname String E

The Author IDs returned can be used with the call to getItemsByAuthorID to retrieve items by a particular author.