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Everygamegoing's API is currently a work in progress. Implementation of it began on 23rd October 2016. Our aim is to add at least one new API command per day. However, as it is difficult for us to know what uses the API may be put to, if you would like to see specific functionalities of our API that we may not yet have thought of, now is the time to contact us and request them.

So far, the following commands are implemented:

Magazine-Related Calls

  1. getAllMagazines
  2. getNumberOfReviewFromMag
  3. getMagazineReviewQuotesByItemID
  4. getMagArticleDataByMagArticleID
  5. getMagArticleTxtByMagArticleID
  6. getAllMagElementKeysForReviewsInMag
  7. getHighestAwardByMagFor

Author-Related API Calls

  1. getAllAuthors

Publisher-Related API Calls

  1. getAllPublishers
  2. getPublisherByAttributes
  3. getMachineTypesForPublisher

Item-Related API Calls

  1. getAllItemIDs
  2. getItemByItemID
  3. valueItemByItemID
  4. getItemsReleasedByYearAndMonth
  5. getItemsFeaturingTracksByArtistName
  6. getMostRecentlyModifiedItem
  7. getAllItemIDsByPublisherAttribute
  8. getMostRecentlyReleasedItem
  9. getMinReleaseDateItem
  10. getMaxReleaseDateItem
  11. getRandomItemWithoutScreenshots
  12. getEggVideoReview
  13. getEggVideoSuggestions

Item Instructions-Related API Calls

  1. getInstructionsByItemTitleAndMachineTypeID

Machine-Related API Calls

  1. getAllMachines
  2. getExpansions

Thing Tag-Related API Calls

  1. getAllTags
  2. getAllThingIDsByTag

My Machines-Related API Calls

  1. getMachinesICurate

Sales Items-Related API Calls (General)

  1. getMostRecentlyAddedItemsForSale
  2. getCountNumberOfItemsForSale

Sales Items-Related API Calls (Mine)

  1. getMySales

Clicking on each of the above API commands will give you a description of how the command currently works.