There are two ways here to help you build your collection. You can either do a search on the game title by using the form on the left, or you can select from the three drop-downs on the right to retrieve games by publisher, machine and format. In each case, after you've made the necessary selections, click the 'Fetch' button.

The relevant games will be returned from the Everygamegoing database in the Search Results section, like a 'sticker album' waiting to be completed. All items that appear in black and white are missing from your collection. To add any of the items that appear to your own personal collection, simply click it.

If you make a mistake, click a second time to remove the mistaken item. Try it now!

Search Results

Finished Adding

Once you've added items in your collection, you'll be able to view them whenever you wish by clicking 'Collection' then My Collection. You'll also be able to value, trade or sell them if you want to.

Note: Your collection will be available for anyone to view if they know your e-mail address so if you don't want to show it off then set it to Private in the My Account section.