You can add your collection of games to Everygamegoing, so you can keep track of what games you have collected. You can do this by searching for them as normal and then selecting 'Tools' and 'Add To My Collection' for each item - but this is really tedious if you have a large collection. Instead, you can use this tool and make it a breeze.

To get started, you need to choose the machines that you collect for. Be careful that you choose the right version of certain machines too - there are many games available for the European Playstation 2 that aren't available for the US Playstation 2! Use the I Want To Select From dropdown to assist you in showing you only the machines of interest.

Note: If you have already added games to your collection whilst searching for them, then some of the machines below will already be highlighted.

Click the machine to highlight it in red as a machine you collect for. If you click it by mistake, click it again to cancel.

When you have selected all the machines you collect for, press 'Next' (at the very bottom of the page).

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Search Results

Acorn Atom

Acorn Electron

Amiga 1000

Amiga 1200

Amiga 2000

Amiga 500

Amiga 600

Amiga CD32

Amstrad 6128

Amstrad CPC464

Amstrad CPC464+

Amstrad GX4000

Amstrad PCW16

Apple II

Apple II+

Apple IIe

Apple III

Apple Lisa

Apple Mac

Apricot F1

Apricot Portable


Aquarius 2

Archimedes A3000

Archimedes A5000

Atari 1200XL

Atari 130XE

Atari 1450XLD

Atari 2600

Atari 400

Atari 600XL

Atari 65XE

Atari 7800

Atari 800

Atari 800XL

Atari Falcon

Atari ST

Atari XE

BBC Master 128

BBC Master 512

BBC Master Compact

BBC Model A

BBC Model B

BBC Model B+

Camputers Lynx 48

Coleco Adam

Coleco Vision Games System

Colour Genie

Commodore 116

Commodore 128

Commodore 16

Commodore 64

Commodore Pet

Commodore Plus 4

Commodore SX64

Commodore Vic 20

DEC Rainbow 100

Dragon 32

Dragon 64

Dreamcast (EU Version)

Dreamcast (Japanese Version)

Dreamcast (US Version)



Epson HX-20

Exidy Sorcerer

Game Boy

Game Boy Advance

Game Boy Color




Jupiter Ace

Laser 200

Magnavox Odyssey 2

Memotech MTX 500

Memotech MTX 512


Nintendo (US Version)

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 64 (EU Version)

Nintendo 64 (US Version)

Nintendo DS

Nintendo Gamecube

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Wii (EU Version)

Nintendo Wii (US Version)

Nintendo Wii U

One Per Desk

Oric 1 (16K Version)

Oric 1 (48K Version)

Oric Atmos

Osborne 1

PC (Windows)

PC 128S

PC Engine SuperGrafx (US Version)


Philips Videopac G7000

PlayStation (EU Version)

PlayStation (US Version)

PlayStation 2 (EU Version)

PlayStation 2 (US Version)

PlayStation 3 (EU Version)

PlayStation 3 (US Version)

PlayStation 4 (EU Version)

PlayStation 4 (US Version)

Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Camera

Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Headset

PlayStation Portable (EU Version)

PlayStation Portable (US Version)

PlayStation Vita

Pocket PC

RM Link 480Z

Sam Coupe

Sega 32X (EU Version)

Sega 32X (JP Version)

Sega 32X (US Version)

Sega CD (US Version)

Sega Game Gear (EU Version)

Sega Genesis

Sega Master System (EU Version)

Sega Master System (JP Version)

Sega Mega Drive

Sega Saturn (EU Version)

Sega Saturn (JP Version)

Sega Saturn (US Version)

Sharp MZ-700

Sinclair QL

Sinclair ZX80

Sinclair ZX81

Sord M5 (PAL Version)

Spectravideo 318

Spectravideo 328

Spectrum +2

Spectrum +3

Spectrum 128K

Spectrum 16K

Spectrum 48K

Spectrum Plus

Super Nintendo (US Version)

Tandy Color Computer

Tandy Color Computer 2

Tandy Color Computer 3


Toshiba MSX


Video Genie

Video Genie 2

Xbox (EU Version)

Xbox (US Version)

Xbox 360 (EU Version)

Xbox 360 (US Version)

Xbox One (EU Version)

Xbox One (US Version)

ZX Vega